Name puzzle picture
Name puzzle picture
Name puzzle picture
Name puzzle picture

Name Puzzle

R 395 - R 470
Colour option's for name
Letter's in name

Create a name puzzle for your little one, it is a great educational tool which allows for fine motor skills, encourages crossing of the mid-line!

Less than 5 letter's you can choose a character to add, view puzzle with characters to choose from- any theme can apply

Up to 6 letter's fit on this size board there is no character space. 

7-11 letter's, you move onto the longer board, if there is space you can add a character (pends size of letter's, but usually up to 8 letters you can add a character)

  • Custom made, locally in South Africa
  • Select the theme and email us the name.
  • You will have 2 choices in name colours, at check out (tones of blue and green or tones of pastel pink, purples and greens.
  • High quality MDF, laser cut
  • Images are UV printed (not stickers)
  • Upon payment, we will do a sample which will be approved via email (to avoid errors)
  • Size 30cm x 8cm x 6cm (up to 7 letter's)
  • Size 42cm x 8cm x 6cm (up to 10 letter's)
  • Lead time 3-5 weeks

Please email/whatsapp [email protected]/0828583467 the name for the puzzle. 

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